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With my full one hour family session, my aim is to capture your family just as you are. I would say families are my niche. Children are 100% authentic no matter what and I really appreciate that as a photographer and artist so I have always been drawn to family photography. 

During my family sessions I always include several “everyone looking at the camera and smiling” photos. Those are the framers on your wall which I love. However, my passion is capturing more than what my clients look like on the outside, but who they are as a person. I love the way a child embraces a parent, or the way siblings make each other laugh when they’re being extra goofy. I love the way a child’s face lights up when dad throws them in the air. I love how chaotic it is to get all the grandkids in the same frame as the grandparents and all the parents in the background being as goofy as humanly possible to get a smile. I love what I do. I love capturing families. I love freezing time for you. Your kids are only kids for so long. I can get so sad about this with my own kids, but I truly treasure every picture I take of them- even if it’s on my iphone. I tell my husband all the time my pictures are my treasures, and we better be grabbing the albums first if our house catches on fire (after the children and cat of course ;) And with every new season comes something new and wonderful, all worthy of being documented, treasured, and passed down. I would love to offer you this with my family sessions. 


These are one hour sessions and can be at a location of your choice or we can choose from a variety of locations in the Akron/Canton area that I know photograph well. 

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