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In-between moments and the connections that matter most.


With my full one hour family session, my aim is to capture your family just as you are. I would say families are my niche. Children are 100% authentic no matter what and I really appreciate that as a photographer and artist so I have always been drawn to family photography.



There is something so beautiful about new life. It is something I wished I had documented more of during my own pregnancies. I think maternity sessions can feel so vulnerable for the mother (at least it did for me), and my goal is to see my moms embrace the life inside of them with confidence during my maternity shoots.


My newborn sessions are very intimate and authentic. I am a lifestyle photographer and that really plays out in my newborn sessions. I like to capture it all, including “behind the scene” shots- dad changing yet another diaper, mom taking a break to nurse, dad playing with the older sibling who needs a break from all the new adjusting.

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